Alpaca is a member of the Camelid family and is native to the South American countries of Perú, Bolivia, and Chile.  

Alpaca has been prized for more than 2,500 years due to its lustrous and silky natural wool. Because it contains no lanolin (like Sheep's wool) it is hypo-allergenic, it is also warmer than other animal wool and it is not prickly.Centuries ago, the South American Incan culture reserved the use of the cherished alpaca wool for royal use - fortunately today alpaca wool is available to all!  

Alpaca wool is universally recognized as one of the finest and most versatile natural fibers in the world.  Its wool is as soft as cashmere, warmer and stronger than sheep wool and is also naturally flame resistant (meeting US Consumer Product Safety Commission Standards).

At PAULA RUN GLOVES we use the finest Alpaca wool as lining, backs, cuffs and sleeves as complements to our exquisite Peccary Leather gloves.

We offer a wide variety of natural Alpaca wool colors with which you can choose to customize your gloves.