Mens Peccary Leather Driving Gloves

Mens Classic Peccary Leather Driving Gloves

  • Full-finger classic Peccary Leather driving gloves
  • Unlined
  • Press Button
  • Multiple ventilation holes
  • An all seasons glove
  • Perfect to protect your hands while driving
  • Available in ladies and children's sizes
  • Total Glove Customization available

PAULA RUN GLOVES are entirely handmade and hand-stitched with Peccary Leather, the world’s rarest and most luxurious leather.

Our gloves are made by only the most talented artisans, using very delicate and intricate processes which require decades of experience, personal dedication, and amazing dexterity to execute.  Through advanced and sophisticated curing, tanning, and dying processes we guarantee the superiority of our leather and resulting gloves against any other gloves in the market.  Our South American Peccary Leather combined with our unique processes produce the world's finest gloves.  

Combining our quality leather with our design innovation, our gloves are truly high-quality works of art.  Because our leather comes from wild South American Peccary, each skin is individual as a result of tiny natural flaws and scars in its skin. These flaws make each pair of gloves unique and certifies the authenticity of skin.

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